Dee Dee and her babies

07-07 DeeDee has found her forever home!!
She has gone to live with the Olivers in Thurmont, MD
(pics coming soon)

Dee arrived at our house on 12-19-06 on the day that she had her pups
Dee is a very sweet trusting girl and seemed to know that we were trying to help her
At her previous home she was an outside dog and per her previous owner, had no training
Dee Dee will be looking for a special home after she weans her pups
For Dee Dee's Story click here 

02-18-07 - Truman (red collar) leaving for his new home
with the Blackwells in Midlothian, VA
He will be the only pet in the family and will get plenty of attention
from his 4 year old "human sister" and her Mom :)

Email Truman and his new family 

02-17-07 - Nia (the female) leaving for her new home with the Owens
in Kingsport, TN
Along with her 3 humans,
Nia will be living with 2 smaller dogs and 2 cats

Email Nia and her new family 

02-16-07 - Tank (blue collar) leaving for his new home
with the Sonifranks in Rixeysville, VA
Besides his human family of 6, Tank will be living with another dane
who is 10 1/2 years old and 2 cats

Email Tank and his new family

There are three black pups in this litter...2 males and 1 female
All have special home when they are ready to go

Posted 01-20-07
Pups at 4 weeks

What is that???

Blue male


The pile up :)

Red male

Posted 01-11-07
Pups at 2 weeks old

Mr. Blue (above)

The female (above)

Mr. Red (above)

Dee Dee playing kissy face :)

Newborn babies

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