Beautiful Great Dane Pups                                                   
             Blues & Blacks                 
                                      by Diesel and Tink... 

G-Dieters Mr Diesel X Fairways Lunar Eclipse

Whelped: 02-24-08
All pups are spoken for
Diesel is owned by Doreen Ross and Peggy Ritter
Tink and this litter are owned by Allison Dluzneski in Harleysville, PA
For more information on these pups contact Allison
at 215-513-9434 or email her at
            Updated 03-12-08

Hips OFA certified "Good"  (both dogs)

The first pictures of the pups
in birth order from left to right...

First born:  Blue male (blue collar) ... Taz
 Second born:  Blue male (green collar) ... Traveller
Third born:  Blue female (pink collar) ... Tessa

Below left to right...

Fourth born:  Black female (white collar) ... Thumbelina
Fifth born:  Black female (yellow collar) ... Taylor
Sixth born:  Blue female (white collar) ... Torrie
Seventh born:  Black male (red collar) ... Tye

Click here to see pups at seven weeks old
Click here to see pups at four weeks old
Click here to see pups at one week old

Puppies' Pedigree

aka: Torrie



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