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It is understood and agreed to by all purchasers/transferees [here-in-after referred to as "buyer" or "buyers"] that any dogs/puppies [here-in-after referred to as "dog" or "dogs"] that the seller/breeder/transferor [here-in-after referred to as "seller" or "sellers"] sells/transfers are for companion and/or show purposes only: NOT FOR COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES AND/OR PURPOSES.

It is further understood and agreed to by all buyers that any dogs, their registration, and medical record will be returned to seller without compensation to the buyer and at buyer’s expense if the buyer decide to transfer/relinquish/sell his/her ownership interest at any time in the future.  Buyer will advise seller in writing no less than 14 days prior to the date of intended placement/transfer/sale.  If buyer does not follow this condition exactly, seller will charge and buyer agrees to pay an additional $2000.00, which is due on the date of transfer/relinquishment.

Next, it is understood and agreed that buyer will provide the best of care for said dog.  Best of care includes, but is not limited to: A well-balanced holistic diet (not more than 23% protein for dogs under one year of age); Fresh water available at all times; Vitamin C and NO other supplements as described in the Great Dane Info; Protection from the elements (in your house); daily exercise for dogs over one year of age; a fenced yard; NEVER being chained to any object and NEVER living in a run or kennel area; Daily contact, socialization, love, and attention from humans; current inoculations and/or needed medical care. THIS DOG IS TO REMAIN A "HOUSE" DOG AND AN ACTIVE PART OF YOUR LIFE! 

At any time and for any reason, the seller may request a written explanation regarding the condition of and care given to said dog including but limited to the above mentioned requirements.  The seller may require that this explanation be verified with the signature of your Veterinarian or a "Vet" of the seller's choice (at buyer's expense).  Also, the seller (or a representative in her/his place) may visit the dog's home at any reasonable time for any reason related to the dog's well-being to assure G-Dieter Dane's standards and conditions are being upheld.

It is agreed that you will use "G-Dieter" (my kennel name) in front of your dog's name on the registration paper. 

Buyer has received a 3 page copy of "Great Dane Information" and will comply with its meaning.

All puppies come with a limited registration.  This dog will not be used for breeding in any way unless seller has approved this dog (in writing) to be breeding/show quality.  If this dog is breeding quality, the dog must be shown to his/her championship before being used for breeding (unless other arrangements have been made with seller).  If this dog is determined to be "pet" quality, he/she will be neutered/spayed and not permitted to have any pups. If there is an accidental/unplanned breeding with this dog, the seller will determine the fate of the unborn pups at the buyer's expense.



Conditional Sales Contract - page 2 of 2

Buyer agrees to AKC register this dog within 30 days of the date of this contract.  This dog will not be registered with any other registry except the American Kennel Club without the written permission of the breeder/seller.  Buyer also agrees to have this puppy DNA tested at buyer's expense within 6 months.  Current cost is $40.  Buyer will send seller a copy of the DNA test.  DNA testing will be waived if this dog is neutered/spayed and has never had any offspring.

If this dog/bitch is to be neutered/spayed, it will not be done until one (1) year of age and preferably at 18 months of age. 

If not already done, this dog must be tattooed with his/her registration number or micro chipped by six months of age.

In case of litigation, all related expenses, including but not limited to, court costs & attorneys fees shall be paid by buyer.  All litigation will take place in Washington County, Maryland, USA.

Every effort will be made to follow the terms of this contract.  If, for any reason you (the buyer) do not comply with all the terms aforementioned, the dog, his registration, and medical record will be immediately returned to the seller (at buyer’s expense) without compensation to you, the buyer, or a third party.  Also, if the terms are not followed or the buyer breeches this contract in anyway, buyers agrees to immediately pay seller $2000.00.  

I have read, understand, acknowledge, and agree to all the terms set forth herein under penalty of perjury/law.

I have received the 3 pages of Great Dane Information.


Buyer's signature                                                                                                                                                                      Date

Print full name: _______________________________________________________________________________________



Buyer's signature                                                                                                                                                                      Date

Print full name: _______________________________________________________________________________________


Dog: ______________________________________________________________AKC#___________________________________________

<>Color/Sex of Dog: _________________________________ DOB: ____________________ Dam: _____________________________________

** If applicable, see additional signed G'Dieter Danes contract/agreement addendums on this dog.....addendum(s) may override this one. 



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