Before you complete an application, please read…

A $300 nonrefundable deposit must be included with all applications.  Deposit goes toward purchase price.  It is our policy NOT to return your deposit if you change your mind and no longer want a dane from us.  We WILL return your deposit if your application is not approved.

All of our puppies come with a limited registration or are co-owned by G-Dieter Danes unless previous arrangements have been made.  You can read about limited registrations by going to

 If you get a dane from us, you must sign a "basic contract" if the puppy is to be a companion (not a show/breeding dog).  The basic contract helps protect the dane and our reputation.  You must sign a "basic contract" AND/OR a "show/breeding contract" if the dane is to be co-owned and is for show/breeding.  Show/breeding contracts may vary depending on your expectations, our agreement and the gender of the dane.

Normally, people looking for show prospects get first pick after we make our pick.  Then people looking for companion danes get their pick in the order in which their deposits are received.  This will be done to the best of our ability, but it sometimes becomes difficult if some people want uncropped ears and it comes time for the rest of the pups to be cropped.  We then have to make a decision as to which pup(s) will not get their ears cropped.


All cropped ears must be taped/posted until the ears stand erect independently and permanently.  This takes time (can be up to a year) and energy and you must be committed to doing this.  If you are not committed, do not have your puppy’s ears cropped.

It is required that all of our puppies complete at least a beginners obedience class.

Puppies can run $1000-$2000.

All our danes must remain house dogs for their entire life.  They will NEVER be tied outside.

All of our danes must be returned to us if you can no longer keep them any time for the rest of their lives.  We will NOT refund your purchase price in this case.

All danes (for their entire life) must be fed holistic preservative/hormone free food.  Pups must be fed Eagle Pack Giant Breed Puppy food or a equally quality holistic food with protein 23% or lower for their first year of life.  Vitamin C must be given for the first year of life.  Glucosamine and Chrondroitin are highly recommended.  NO other Vitamin/Mineral supplements can be given unless a blood test shows they are deficient.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Also, see our link page for more info on Great Danes.

Thank you.


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