On October 29, 2006
Dolly went to her new home with Elizabeth and family in Chambersburg, PA.

Dolly on 11-19-06... she is putting on weight :)

   Pics of Dolly taken 11-05-06

Dolly came to us as a rescue. 
She is a fawn female who was a stray picked up by a PA pound. 
On October 21, 2006, we got Dolly from Dana Bixler after she got her out of the pound. 
She would live with us until we could find a permanent loving home she deserves.

Dolly was really malnurished with her backbone and ribs showing. 
Her weight was 78.5 pounds when she had her Vet check on October 27, 2006.
She had diarrhea at the pound which they got under control by the end of the week that she spent there. 
After she came home with us, she started with the diarrhea again.
Toward the end of the week with us, her stools became more normal.

David came up with the name Dolly for her.  It really fits her. 
She is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. 
She was shy at first, but it didn't take her long to make herself at home.

LOL... I was in the kitchen one day and the other danes started to bark.  Dolly wanted to see what was going on outside, so she just climbed up on the chair and right up on the kitchen table to look out the window.  I turned around and say, "DOLLY, You get down from there!!" And she got right down.  Another day, I walked into the kitchen and she was laying right on the kitchen table.  When I told her to get down, she got right down. 
Dolly is a very agile girl and her comformation is not bad either. Oh and she is very smart.

Pics of Dolly the week she was with us


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