G-Dieters Joan of Arc

Sharcons Last Tango x G-Dieters Gabrielle
DOB: May 10, 2002

Co-Owned by Barb Myers and Peggy Ritter

March 23, 2006 - Pics taken at Motel 6 after a hard day of showing
Joana and Momma Barb doing what they like to do most
Joana is telling Barb what she is doing wrong on the laptop, but Barb won't listen

01-28-06.... Joana has met her new Mommy Barb and is off to her new home to meet her new Brother, Andi.  Pics to follow...

01-01-06....Joana has come back home to live with Peggy for a short time.  Then she will be going to Barb's house to live.
Look for her in the show ring soon...

Head shots of Joana....

Looks like Joana has made some friends already....

Oct 26, 2002 .... 5 months old

Baby pics

Joana's pedigree

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