Puppies Are Here...
Born 08-07-07
10 blacks... 5 little girls & 5 little boys
(unfortunately we lost 2)
Pics below
Updated 10-11-07

by Diesel and Leah

G-Dieters Mr. Diesel X G-Dieters Leah

See more on Diesel and Leah by clicking on their pic

***** New pics of Babies at 8 weeks old*****
Click here

Babies at 5 weeks old
Click here

Posted 08/30/07                                                                                     
Pups are 2 1/2 weeks old here

First pics of the babies...

The babies' pedigree

Diesel and Leah are owned by the Rosses in Marysville, PA
and co-owned by Peggy Ritter

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