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Updated 02-16-08

Seth and I  visited with Leo and Marsha on February 1st.  Here are a few pictures from that day....

Leo saying hi to Seth

Leo and Marsha

Leo is 2 years old in these pics.  He is a very sweet boy and is a wonderful family dog. 
It is interesting that he has just a very slight blue haze to his coat and his hair is baby soft especially around his head.
Not a bad looking boy for a fawnish, huh?  Both his parents are blue in color. 
BTW, he did a great job of doing what we asked while posing him for the pics.  Before this day he had never been stacked.

Posted 05-29-06
Leo at 5½ months old

Posted 03-18-06
Leo in his new home...

Posted 02-13-06

Leo left on 2-10 to live with Marsha and Eric in Darnestown, MD...

Posted 02-02-06

See Leo's Mom and Dad and Siblings by clicking here 


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