Diesel X Maizey

G-Dieters Mr. Diesel XX G-Dieters Amazing Grace


Whelped 03/31/07

6 males & 4 females
all blacks

Updated 06-30-07

All Pups are in their new homes

Here are some recent pics of Cricket

Check out each puppy's individual page here.  They are listed in birth order.  We will put new info/pics up as we get them.

Cricket (Allison)   Keegan  Finnigan Gabe  Quinn 
Kidogo  Cricket (Jackie) Portia  Marley  Deuce 

Posted 05-03-07

Pups at 4 weeks old

Pink female

Red male

Dark Blue male

Green male

Black male

White female

Purple female

Yellow female

Light Blue male

White male



Maizey is owned by Allison Dluzneski in PA (215-513-9434) and co-owned by Peggy Ritter in MD (301-745-8922)
Diesel is owned by Peggy Ritter at the present time

Pics posted 04-23-07                                                                      Pics taken 04-16-07

Diesel (Sire)

Maizey (Dam)

The puppies' pedigree

Posted 04-14-07                                                                                         Two weeks old
The following colors are the colors of their ribbons :)

First born... pink female

Second born... red male

Third born... dark blue male

Fourth born... green male

Fifth born... black male

Sixth born... white female

Seventh born... purple female

Eighth born... yellow female

Nineth born... light blue male

Tenth born... white male

Posted 04-08-07... Pups are a week old here



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