Lance and Tobi's babies born 12-11-05... 5 males!!

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      Leo (fawn)    
   Marsha & Eric
  Tobias (blue)    
     Timley & Jeff

  Hudson (Green)
    Samantha & Jerred
Shimmer (black)
Thrity & Ajoy
  Max (red)       
Cherish & Jeremy

Posted 01-20-06
Almost 6 weeks old

As you can see, Mr. Green likes his picture taken :)

Leo the "fawnish"

The Gang

Posted 12-27-05
16 days old

Posted 12-27-05
One week old

Posted 12-27-05
6 days old

Posted 12-15-05

Tobi in the snow one day before the pups came

Tobi wanted her pic taken in front of the tree 

Tobi in the whelping boxes getting ready

First born and what a surprise!

All pups were 1# 10.5 oz to 1# 12 oz

3 so far...

Dad and Mom.....
Magic's The Magician
G-Dieters Tobi

Lance is owned by Tracy Tulanko of Trajon Danes
and was bred by Linda Altomare of Magic Manor Danes
Thank you Tracy for letting us use your wonderful boy

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